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Fred-E tastes like no other product on the market. It could not be closer to a cigarette…. some of the people who tested our product even said: « it’s better… ». We kept their words for our tagline!

Our objective when developing Fred-E was both very simple and very difficult. We wanted to offer an electronic cigarette ‘even better than the real thing’ by mimicking the taste of tobacco, without tobacco. We decided to use the same technique that is used to develop the blend of our cigarettes. We segmented the aroma of each type of tobacco used in our traditional cigarettes to isolate their essence and come up with the perfect e-blend.

The aroma should fill your mouth as well as providing a tickling kick in the back of your throat. Our partners, who developed the unique Fred-E flavor in the USA, have their roots in tobacco.

We have continued to improve our cigarettes since their launch in 2004, and we have gathered knowledge of what smokers expect. We believe we have managed to transpose this experience into the development of Fred-E


Medical studies tend to prove that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than any type of tobacco product.

Electronic cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes. That’s a fact. Being a manufacturer we will not advocate any particular benefit on this web site. You can build your own opinion from the independent resources available on the web. We are probably the smallest but also the most responsible cigarette company. We maintain high standards because it is what we care about, not only because of extremely constraining tobacco legislation. We apply the same standards to our electronic cigarette business – from manufacturing quality to marketing responsibility.

Our liquid already complies with all international regulations and particularly the complex EU REACH regulation.  Although these standards are not yet compulsory for the e-cigarette industry, we have been pro-active and made sure that our products will always obey the strictest legislation. All details of our products have been evaluated thoroughly – even the ones which others would consider as irrelevant. Here are a few examples of our commitment to offering the best product possible:

  • we use food compliant silicone to manufacture our tube carrying case.
  • we chose the same supplier as Apple® to manufacture our batteries.
  • we can trace the origin of all our supplies.


Among all types of electronic cigarettes available (disposable, refillable and rechargeable) we chose what we believed to be the best option: a powerful rechargeable cigarette which delivers the right amount of vapor and probably the most satisfying taste.

A mong all types of electronic cigarettes available on the market we have chosen to focus our efforts on what we believe is the most satisfying format: easy to use rechargeable cigarettes. Our liquid is securely protected from light and air inside each cartomizer. You will be able to smoke the equivalent of 1.5 packs of cigarettes before you need to replace the cartridge. Being a small company, we had to make a choice to focus all our efforts into one solution. We have listed below the pros and the cons of our choice.

different style of ecigarettes


The cheapest alternative (for non hardcore vapers!)

Our starter pack comes with one battery, 2 cartomizers and one USB charger. This is the equivalent of 750 puffs. It costs far less than double the price of a disposable product with 350 puffs! We offer a 12 months warranty for our battery. The set of 5 extra cartomizers is slightly more expensive than the equivalent liquid packed into a small bottle but there are no servicing repairs required. Peace of mind!

Fits in your pocket

Smoke whenever and wherever allowed. Just take the cigarette out of the silicone tube holder, and smoke normally! No need to draw long puffs with Fred. You will get the best aroma by smoking exactly like a traditional cigarette. Let air and flavor mix into your mouth and you will experience different layers of flavor. Slightly ‘nutty’ at first like Burley and Maryland tobaccos, followed by a sweeter aroma like a flue-cured Virginia tobacco.

Vapor yes, taste even better

We found the taste of most refillable products very sweet and filling, a bit like a meal in your favorite fast food joint. We like to compare the taste of Fred-E to the ‘ratatouille’ in the eponymous Disney cartoonunpretentious but full of association with the real taste of tobacco. Like Anton Ego, the culinary critic in the movie, people asked us to ‘surprise’ them. We believe we have delivered just like the rat ‘Remy’ did when he cooked his ratatouille in the cartoon!

Suppress the urge to smoke

For people who wish to stop smoking conventional cigarettes, Fred-E is a product which provides the ‘look & feel’ of a traditional cigarette while helping to suppress tobacco abstinence symptoms. You can keep the same gestures and habits of playing with your cigarette while on the phone or talking to people. You draw small puffs on this cigarette just like on traditional cigarettes. Compared to larger refillable devises you will not look like a crack addict smoking Fred-E. Let’s remain stylish….bordel!


Not as « powerful » as EGO type electronic cigarettes

For smokers looking for the most vapor, rechargeable e-cigarettes will never be able to compete against refillable products as the battery is far less powerful. But let’s be frank, vapor and taste are two different aspects, independent of each other. We have tested a lot of products that deliver a scary amount of vapor but lack in character and taste. What is important is that we have designed the taste of our liquid based on the specifications of our e-cigarette.  We provide a full aroma in a subtle manner without burning flavors like most of the refillable devises do. Refillable e-cigarette are bulky, complex and the taste they deliver could be compared to listening to MP3 music: like digital compression reduces the accuracy of the sound, e-liquid made for refillable products lack subtleness and emphasize only extreme flavors. We are kind of “old school” at Fred-E and we stick to vinyl’s!

Fred-E looks and feels like a traditional cigarette

That can be an issue for some people who wish to break all ties with what can remind them of their previous smoker’s life! Personally, we like the fact that we can hold Fred-E between 2 fingers, that we can play with it. Cigarettes have been part of our personality for the last 10 years and we like this feeling. There are no buttons to press, no liquid that will leak and no spare parts to change. It’s simple, efficient and compelling. Smoking Fred-E will still make you feel “human” because we not robots after all!


This brand new adventure will challenge us to evolve quickly in order to meet and even pre-empt your expectations. We will benefit from our traditional tobacco experience to define precisely our role and objectives and focus on what matters: to offer the best electronic cigarette.



Rely on technology that makes sense to our product

We know the parameters that make a good rechargeable e-cigarette:

  • Reliable battery which keeps a linear power when used: We have sourced our batteries from the same supplier used by Apple® to produce its new Iphone® and Ipad®.
  • Liquid developed specifically in the USA based on battery and cartomizer technical specifications in order to deliver all flavors in a subtle manner.

We have focused our efforts to match properly these two topics, and will continue working in that direction. We will continue to monitor any new technology, but our main focus will remain taste by all means.

Keep highest quality standards

We are committed to the highest quality standards. We control each product before they are shipped to you. We have paid close attention to selecting the best material for each component, even if you cannot perceive the difference straight away. Just one example among others: we chose silicone of the highest grade rather that soft touch PVC for the material of our tube holder although its price is significantly higher. The quality is simply not comparable and we are sure that you will realize it.

Pay attention to our ecological footprint

In our traditional cigarette business, we were one of the first company’s to offer a product with a filter made of natural cellulose and packed into recycled carton. We see so many brands around us using the environment as a marketing tool, and we are very cautious to offer solutions that we can adhere to long term and keep away from shallow “green washing” statements. We studied the opportunity to launch disposable electronic cigarettes for people who did no wish to invest too much and to get familiar with electronic cigarettes. These products are cheap to produce and some brands perform very well. Nevertheless, we soon abandoned this idea, as we did not find a way to offer any efficient recycling scheme. For Fred-E we then focused our efforts on our packaging to reduce our ecological footprint: No plastic, no metal. Still we did not wish to compromise on certain aspects like for our cartomizer packaging which is made out of pharmaceutical blisters; it is the only way to guarantee that our liquid will remain fresh and will have no contact with the external environment. Our next objective is to make our supply chain more efficient. Our product today travels the world before reaching you and we have a lot to improve on that topic

Take your feedback into consideration

We tend to believe that we have a good knowledge about your expectations. Our team is always in the market speaking with our distributors and asking people their opinion on what we do. This has proven to be a key element of our standard cigarette business. We have implemented the same strategy for Fred-E and look forward to receiving your comments.

Keep our product compatible with the norm

Although we admire Apple for the quality of their products, their willingness to impose their own norm can drive us nuts sometimes. Fred-E atomizers will always remain compatible with other types of batteries and you will always be able to charge your battery with any USB charger. But bear in mind that you should always use third-party components that have the same specifications as ours to ensure the best taste and the most satisfying smoking experience.

Sell you « apps »

We can already see that multi-billion dollar companies are trying to add new functions to their products (Bluetooth connection, Wifi, social media, etc.). We know how to develop the best taste but are complete beginners when it comes to developing ‘apps’. Let’s remain old school and focus on what we do best: designing and developing the best flavors for our products.

Implement unnecessary features

The best example we think of today are soft tip cartomizers. Originally, we wanted to implement this feature to mimic even better the look and feel of a standard cigarette. However, we soon realized that offering soft tips did not bring anything to our product. Also, due to the weight of an e-cigarette, a hard tip makes it easier to hold between your lips. The best is often the enemy of the good!

Sell you more than we you need

Offering the right price is part of our DNA. We will not push you to buy more than what you need. In our online shop, we offer a few ‘sets’ that we believe make sense. That’s it. Our objective is to make your choice as easy as possible and we will develop new flavors only if they make sense and meet your expectations. Surfing the web, we have noticed that all brands offer a promotional price every other week: we have subscribed to the newsletter of many of our competitors and it is scary how many ‘UNBELIEVABLE OFFERS – LAST CHANCE TO ORDER!!!!!’ we receive.

  • Either they are cheating on their normal price,
  • or they are desperate.

This is not the way we do business and you will not find our products offered at a discounted price 2 days after you have placed your order. Our price is right, our price is fair, and our price reflects the hard work and commitment needed to offer you the best product.

Attract young people with exotic sweet tastes

No strawberry, apple, cola, whisky, etc. flavors.

Develop liquids with unreasonable level of nicotine

Some manufacturers are offering liquids and cartomizers with more than 3% nicotine. At Fred-E, some members of the team are still smokers and have tried these liquids, which made them badly sick. We are then not talking anymore about smoking but force feeding nicotine. Increasing the level of nicotine is a trick to provide the ‘hit’, and cover-up weak taste and badly designed cigarette components. We will never use these artifacts, as our taste does not need them! We have decided that we will never develop any flavor with a nicotine level above 2%.


We are a small team with big ideas. We know you better than anyone around because our decisions take place in the street, where we meet you.

When we started our traditional cigarette business back in 2004, no one believed we stood a chance competing against the big multinational tobacco companies. Fred is still a small brand but it is growing every month thanks to our smokers in Germany and Switzerland who believe in our product and our values. We are still today probably one of the smallest players and are 100% independent. How many times did we have one foot in the grave? Well, a few and we always managed to get back on our feet. We have made mistakes, we are not afraid to say so; but we have learned from them and have always come out stronger. It took us a while to develop our electronic cigarette: we had a first look at what was happening back in 2011 when the first e-cigs became available in Europe. At that time, everything was wrong: bad taste and no clear scientific survey that vaping would be less harmful than smoking.

Things started changing in 2013 when we teamed up with the right partners. At last we had confidence that we could move forward and draft our plans for this new product. After more than one year of research, trials, and tests we are now proud to present you with Fred-E (Freddy!). July 2014 will probably be there most important turn in our activity. We launched our traditional cigarettes with a marketing budget that was equivalent to the cost of a few business dinners of our competitors’ management team. We will follow the same strategy with Fred-E, with a few Euros in our pockets but lots of ideas and a clear commitment never to compromise on quality. People we work with (team, partners, etc.) are much more valuable than simple “cash” and we will prove that again with Fred-E.