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We have created different categories for the most common questions we were asked. Should you not find a precise answer please feel free to contact us directly.

Is producing traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarette compatible?

Let’s be frank, we like smoking traditional cigarettes. We have placed so much effort since 2004 to offer the best additive free cigarette that we will never deny what we are doing. We are independent, we do not belong to the cigarette industry main players and we have worked hard to offer the best cigarettes. Now the big question: Do we have any credibility in this new e-cigarette segment? We know what tobacco should taste like and we know more than anyone else on the market what you are looking for.

We believe (and let you judge) that we are offering the best electronic cigarette for people who wish to stop smoking or smoke less. Fred-E tastes like Fred. Like real tobacco should taste like. We have developed its flavor to match our traditional cigarette. Developing our tobacco blend has been a long and difficult process: we have based the development of Fred-E flavor on that experience – isolating the aroma of each type of tobacco to create the perfect flavor for our electronic cigarette.

How do you differentiate yourself from other players on the market?

Most electronic cigarette brands promise you to regain your freedom: “the big bad traditional cigarette companies hooked you up with their products, you were their slave and that is now over if you switch to E-blahblahblah.”


They ALL follow the same strategy as traditional cigarette brands used to 15 years ago! They promise you to be a cooler, more attractive person if you smoke their products.  Some of them are even selling you liquids with percentage of nicotine no cigarette company would ever have dared to. We are not afraid to tell you that today, we have more respect for the big multinational tobacco companies, than for those so called E-cigarette “start-up” companies pretending to bring you “freedom” if you “vape” their products. Their communication is shallow and their enemy is far too easy to fight!

Do not expect our communication to follow the same direction. Aldous Huxley’s brave new world novel has inspired our traditional cigarette “Fred” communication and it will continue to do so with Fred-E.
If the character on the visual of our home page reminds you of the iconic cowboy (with a slight update!), you are right!

What is Fred-E taste differentiation?

We do not wish to pretend and be obnoxious but we have tasted most of the flavors available around and they are far from recreating the taste and experience of real tobacco! Our goal, when we launched Fred-E was to address the traditional smoker’s main concern: find a way to smoke less or stop smoking. We designed a tobacco flavor which recreates the feeling of smoking real cigarettes: at first a pleasant tickling into the throat followed by sweeter aroma expanding into the mouth.
The fact that we are European also makes a difference as we have noted that taste of flavors available are very distinctive depending where companies are based: Chinese made liquids have usually or chocolate/coffee taste whereas US liquids are usually very sweet. We have developed our flavor based on the taste of our traditional cigarettes sold in Switzerland and Germany.

We have managed to design Fred-E taste thanks to all the feedback we have gathered for more than one year before launching our product. We are very excited and we hope you will also help us keep improving our offers.

Why is Fred-E better than other brand?

As for our traditional cigarette business we have done everything possible to offer you the best product available. We have worked together with reliable and passionate partners we can trust. We can claim today that no other product in the market comes as close to the real cigarette taste as Fred-E. But there is not accounting for taste, and so we let you be your own judge!

Our product is probably one of the most expensive to produce in the market. All components of our e-cigarettes are made of the best material with efficient architecture to offer the best vapor in the industry. We have never followed a short-term strategy and are hopeful to be able to keep improving our offers in the coming years.

How long does Fred-E last?

Very hard to say as it all depends how much you draw in with each puff. Being conservative, each cartridge or cartomizer will provide approximately 350-400 puffs. You do not have to drag long puffs with Fred-E; just smoke like a normal cigarette making sure that air and flavor mix together into your mouth. Like for a good wine, flavors need oxygen to expand!

What’s inside Fred cartridges?

1.1g of e-liquid with 1.8% nicotine per volume. It corresponds  to a medium strength traditional cigarette for European smokers and to a light cigarette for American smokers.

How do I know when to replace the cartridge and recharge the battery?

When the battery is low the red LED will start blinking. Just unscrew the cartomizer and plug it to the USB charger. Once the battery is full (charging time approx. 2 hours), the red LED will will turn off. You are then ready to go!
When the cartridge needs to be replaced, the flavor will get weaker and less vapor will be produced.

What do you mean by “simple” packaging?

In order to reduce the shipping cost we have developed a more simple and flatter packaging. We can then offer you our starter kit at an unbeatable price!

How long will it take to receive my order?

We ship all our orders from Germany. It will take approx. 4 working days for shipment to EU countries and one week for the rest of the world. We have decided to start with simple shipping options and will offer soon other options.